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No matter what type of website you own, alterations and updates are inevitable. There is a huge amount of work involved in the maintenance of a website.It involves updating regularly changing information. Instead of potentially expensive alterations, simply sign up for one of the maintenance packages and let us do the work.

Another important factor in the maintenance of a website is the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is the art of making a website search engine friendly. The importance of SEO is often under-estimated. Neglecting proper SEO could result that your website is banned or simply not indexed by search engines. This obviously defeats the object of having a website in the first place.

SEO is a continuous process of attracting more traffic to your website. The SEO process for all pages is as follows:

  • The HTML code of is inspected to ensure industry standard.
  • All meta tags are inspected to ensure consistency, relevance, no duplications and good density.
  • Page evaluation is done to select the proper keywords.
  • Keywords are then analyzed to ensure the worthiness thereof.
  • To ensure a continuous flow of the same theme throughout the website, the main keywords are checked against the title and description of each page.
  • We may be required to add additional text or content to your website so ensure proper keyword density for the content, meta tags and title
  • To complete the process, the site map is updated to prompt the Search Engine robots to perform a new ranking.

"Please note: If you require updates outside of your package, additional fees are charged."